• Combine Pinch of Social Media with Dash of Email Marketing: Stir for Success



    Direct mailing is a campaign technique that has become almost archaic. Newsletter, coupons, sales event information, customer surveys and more are now being sent by email. The world is moving online, and retailers are eagerly following. Email marketing has reinvented the industry, creating new means with which to reconnect with loyal customers and gain new cliental.

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    Email marketing is a fantastic and accurate tool that allows you to track the messages you send. You are able to see who has opened and forwarded the email, clicked on the supplemental links within the email, completed the customer survey and more. You are also able to see how many emails bounced back. In a marketing campaign, this information is priceless, as it will serve as a benchmark for other campaigns. The email marketing service that you use is able to collect this data and create charts and graphs that illustrate your success rate, which is ideal for also measuring your return on investment (ROI). Each time you send a new email is yet another opportunity to measure your success rate. Over time, you will be able to compare your results and make the necessary tweaks to your email campaign.

    Email marketing services such as iContact, Benchmark Email and Constant Contact combine email marketing with social media for total campaign optimization. Social media integration allows you to listen to your customers and respond to their inquiries about your marketing campaign in real time.

    Word-of-mouth advertising has always been one of the most powerful ways to gain popularity among the masses, and it's free. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide the perfect atmosphere for networking and connecting, as well as for creating online chatter about people, places and things. With Facebook, you can create a fan page where you can post fan-only information and offer exclusive coupons. You are also able to insert a link directly within your email that will connect your customers to that fan page to access great incentives.

    iContact, is a top-rated email marketing service that leans heavily on social media integration to intensify your online presence. For every email campaign you send out using iContact, you have the option to add a social share bar or Like and Tweet buttons directly in your email messages. These buttons will allow your recipients to share the information with their family and friends. Within your iContact email marketing dashboard, you will be able to track the number of likes and tweets generated by social media profiles. Benchmark Email and Constant Contact also offer social media integrations.

    You want the "snowball effect" to occur, and using social media highly encourages it, as online chatter about your company's special event, sale or new product line will spread. Social media extends the boundaries of your email campaign and allows it to reach audiences you never would have reached without it. The majority of the best email marketing services available today have social media integration. The marriage between email marketing and social media will prove fruitful as your online presence spreads, reaching new audiences and multiplying your customer mailing list.


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